“From earliest recorded time people are attracted by everything mysterious, esoteric and unknowed…”

On the one hand, it fascinatesus, on the other we are afraid of it.

Today, curiosity is growing and thus a number of ways to get closer to these “mysteries” is growing too. People want to get to know them or to apply them in life.

More and more people want to help others, be their coach, therapist or healer…
The effort to help others exceeds the effort to help ourself….

I AM ASKING YOU how do you want to help others when you often don’t want or don’t know how to help yourself???

It is possible to be a good coach, therapist or healer for others if you don’t know yourself???
Why is it for many higher priority to get into the minds of others than to your own???

When you understand yourself, when you help yourself…. THEN, only then will you inspire others….

Being an inspiration to others is a true art of life….

Get to KNOW YOURSELF and your life will begin to have a real meaning….

With love Reni ❤️

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