You write to me that you have a disease with this name… What is it anyway?

These are problems with emotions and conditions of anxiety, dizziness and a hill of other symptoms, but mainly they are FEARS!!!

What is actually a FEAR???
It’s something that makes at every step our life a living hell…
It’s something that affects us every single day…
It’s something we don’t know how to put out of our head…
Honestly, these are the thoughts that we have in the subconscious and which we still play back in the head…

Fear is the weakest vibration on which people hold, because they struggle to face every one fear they have.
With every single fear you can work beautifully and with ease, if one wants to work on it and wants it out.

I worked with a lady who did not want to change anything in her life and also had a panic disorder, just didn’t know about it.
Aside from the diagnosis of a doctor, she realized she had a serious problem.
She physically experienced terrible states of anxiety, heart beats, her whole body and psychological state were imbalanced.

Each person functions on 4 levels of his being.
In order to heal one, it is necessary to work on all these levels.

Mental level

Soul level

Emotional level

Physical level

You ask AHA Ok and how do I do this?
You just need to start to be more interested in your thoughts and pay attention to them, even if they relate to fear.
Don’t just talk about it, but most importantly search for a way out of it!!!
The ThetaHealing® technique is a perfect technique for such problems.
Take your paper and pen and write down every single fear you have in your thoughts and you are dealing with.
And then look how many fears you have written down… And what the fears are about…

Every single fear is a problem….
Every single problem needs to be solved….

If you are interested in solving your problems, you can make an appointment….
It’s all up to you and to your decision.

You can save yourself only when you start to talk about…
Only so you will find the answer and solution to your every single fear…..

So what do you say???
Do you want out of it????

With love Reni ❤️

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