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By Reni Kovacicova
ThetaHealing® Instructor

What can I help you with?

Find a new lifestyle, improve your personal and work life.
Improve your professional life or business.
Determine the cause of the failure and the cause of the constant recurrence situation.
Transform fear, phobia, anger, dislike, resistance and hate.
To be relieved of the trauma of past life events.

Seminars for future practitioners


is a healing technique of 21.century designed to change and improve our


Here you will find various articles and inspirations on current topics. In this way Reni Kovacicova will be informing and inspiring you, how to improve your own life and will point to the global problems of people and the population. She will motivate you to act and move on to the path to your SELF-HEALING.

HEAL yourself and you will heal YOUR LIFE.

As soon as I entered the room, I felt a very pleasant and calm atmosphere.
I did not know what awaits me, because I was never at a therapy of that kind.
My girlfriend visits Atanerhealing for a long time now. I didn’t even know that such a technique of healing existed.
I had a big health problem with my knees that prevented me from training and made my daily life complicated.
I can tell today that right after the consultation I do not feel any pain in my knees and I do not have any health problems with my knees.
I continue with my sport without a problem.
I am glad that my girlfriend brought me to this amazing place because I understood that this technique helps us to recover.
And on my big surprise I can say that this technique also improves our life.
I am Reni extremely grateful for the fact that I could experience it and be part of it.
Thank you.

Robin, Vienna

We have two dogs named Sunny (11 years) and Denny (8 years).
Denny is basically a rescued dog. He was born in terrible conditions in the yard with another about 20 dogs in the dirt and stinking.
The first trip was not home, but on the veterinary clinic where he had a few days to stay on the infusions.
The vet told us that he didn’t have even basic vaccinations.
Denny is a small, fragile dog full of love and gratitude. and sometimes also enfant terrible :D He makes us happy, like Sunny does. We love them both very much ♥️

Well a day came, we thought we would lose him 😥
From day to day he stopped drinking, eating and couldn’t even stand on his feet.
We immediately took him to the clinic, where the vet took his blood, carried examinations and immediately connected him to the infusion.
Blood results were very poor. They kidney was failing. Doctors even pronounced a possible diagnosis of leukemia.
Those few days were terrible. We didn’t sleep, eat and couldn’t concentrate on anything else.
Denny did not perceive us, he wasn’t looking forward to see us… His eyes were filled with emptiness.

I called Reni and told her crying everything.
She calmed me down and explained to me that I should not send out my thoughts: I lose him…. I worry about him ….Why? Because he feels every my thought and accept them.
Reni told us that he will work with him and help him.
Already on the next day, Denny started to bark joyfully, he was asking for our love, licked us and was already eating his favourite biscuit♥️.
He even drank water and for the first time he asked for a treat.
Further control examinations and results were all right, values were completely within standards.
I immediately called Reni that Denny is completely healthy.

Reni saved us and she completely cured him ♥️
Reni and Denny have a wonderful relationship. Denny loves her and she loves him♥️.
I am pretty sure that if there was no Reni and her help, Denny would not make it.

We are no longer visiting the vet, whenever something happens we consult it with Reni.
Thanks to Reni, we understand that the dogs are pure souls. They love us unconditionaly, they do not judge, are faithful and love us as we are. They want nothing else except our love ♥️♥️♥️♥️.

We owe Reni for Denny’s life ♥️

Sanny and Denny, Bratislava

Like most people, I was also sceptical and figuratively speaking I was knocking on my forehead, when I heard about some energies, about spirituality, or about incense sticks. The fact, that someone completely strange can know everything about you, was impossible for me. Even that someone can know about all your worries or your health problems. If I hadn’t experienced it, I wouldn’t believe it. First, I saw it directly on my girlfriend, who came from the visits from our neighbor Reni with an extremely good mood. My reaction? “Girls were having a good time and maybe drinking some alcohol.” But I was wrong – as I understood on my own skin later. It is not alcohol or anything like that.

It is a feeling of a true happiness and love that will overcome you after the consultation. So as my girlfriend, I also suffer from some panic attacks. My consisted in fear before the trip – in fear of something new. You know how it goes… You can’t sleep, you still play in your head the trip, whether you have everything packed and your head is full of other questions. Simply said: travel fever. I got into a situation, where I had to travel for a long time for work abroad. You can probably imagine, what everything was played in my head. After the consultation all my fears disappeared. Before the coming trip, I slept as a baby. During my trip and after arriving at the place I was calm, well and finally I had no digestive problems I was suffering with in my past.
For a long time I was troubled with a health problem. Nothing from the medication was helping and the only solution seemed to be to seek a doctor. After the consultation and after “breaking up” my problem I finally understood why is this happening to me – everything is now fine and it went without medical help and medication.
So after these experiences I don’t have to knock on my forehead and make fun of it, because I simply believe. I believe that everything is happening to us for some reason and we just have to understand why. I also believe that in what energy we live and what energy surrounds ourselves, such a happy and quality life we live.

Peter, Bratislava
Healings have completely changed my life… They saved me. My life before the treatment was empty, I did not know where I belong, I did not even know who I am, what I want, where and with whom I want to be. I kept looking. My daily life was a struggle, I did not enjoy it at all. I was only struggling from day to day. I didn’t know what to do with myself. My life was full of fear, anxiety, depression and of course I had not liked myself at all. After the first consultation I felt great, free, completely different. I perceived things and understood them in another better way. I felt unconditional love, helping hand and light. I go to treatments/consultations regularly. I am working on my beliefs and I go whenever I feel so. It changed my life in partnership and at work. I changed even the people around me. I changed my home and replaced all the old things at home with new ones. My fears, anxiety, panic attacks completely disappeared. Everything is now gone and forever. Now I fully enjoy my life and I I finally feel love to myself, which I am trying to spread arround me. I live a free and amazing life that I wish to everybody.
It’s up to you
Zlatka, Bratislava

If you have a question in your head, if you are troubled and hurt, I would like to recommend Miss Reni.
She is very nice and kind.
She will help you to find answers to your questions and heal all your pains.
With Miss Reni you will find peace, love, strength and solution to all your struggles.

She will explain to you how to find the right way of life.
So feel free and make an appointment.

Monika, Bratislava


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